Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Rhydderich Hael Baronial 12th Night

Magnus and I can't wait to start the New Year and Our reign off with a bang celebrating the Barony's 12th Night celebration on January 5th at the Lancaster Elks Lodge. Getting to see the people of the barony relax and spend time with each other just enjoying the fine company and tasty food, warms our hearts. Its not often we can get together as a baronial populace when we are not all running around fighting, serving, or working on all sorts of wonderful arts. 

We would ask that you go out of your way to embolden those who are just joining our group or those who have not attended in awhile, to come and celebrate in a fun and casual atmosphere. Meet new people, talk to old friends, play games, and catch up with what's going on in our Barony! 

Here is the event Information:

When: January 5th 2016 following the normal (but brief) Baronial business meeting. Business meeting to start at 7:00 pm. Party to follow. End time between 9-10 pm based on limits of the site. 

Location: Lancaster Elks Lodge #1478, 33 Legion Parkway, P.O. Box 138, Lancaster, NY 14086. Enter at the front facing legion parkway. Walk inside. Stop when you hit merriment. 

Site fee: None. The event is free and as it is a regular meeting the NMS does not apply. 

Garb: This is not an in-garb event. (See festive garment contest). 

Food: Pizza and wings will be provided. People who attend are encouraged (but not required) to bring something to share to supplement the pizza and wings. Desserts are perfect! The
re won’t be a list tracking who is bringing what. The only limitation to this are drinks. All drinks must be purchased at the Elk’s lodge bar per Elk’s lodge policy. By popular request people who would like to chip in for the pizza and wings are welcome to, but please no donations over 5 dollars.

Activities: Food and merrymaking of course! People are welcome to play music, sing, dance, and perform skits. People are encouraged to bring and run their own family friendly games. There is plenty of table space to spread out.

Most festive holiday garment contest: A fun and light hearted contest will be held seeking the most festive holiday garment! So wear your best Holiday hat, bad Holiday sweater, festive socks, or anything else you think will push you to the top of the festive cheer pile. The winner will be awarded some silly prize to be determined later (it will be totally awesome). Ties will be determined by Baronial death matches.

Gift giving: There is a long standing tradition of exchanging gifts at Baronial 12th night. Some people will exchange personal gifts between friends and some people may bring something small to hand out to everyone. Gifts are not required or expected. Please don’t feel obligated to bring something and don’t feel bad if you only exchange gifts between friends (or not at all). The greatest gift is fellowship so please come and enjoy the night. 

No court: No Baronial court will be held at the event (no one wants to hear us blather on).

For more information and any questions you can check out the Facebook event page here:

We hope to see everyone there! Bring you holiday cheer and your ugliest sweaters. 


Miriel and Magnus

Ice Dragon is coming! Help wanted...

With Investiture out of the way it is time to turn our attention to Ice Dragon 2016. This year Ice Dragon is the weekend of April 2nd and while that might seem ages away it will come up on us fast. As most of you can guess (or know first hand) running Ice Dragon is no small task so we need your help! Currently the Autocrat is looking for help in all areas including but not limited to troll, merchant set up, runners, salon setup, general setup, and of course tear down. Its not back breaking work but the more hands we have the easier it is.

No amount of help is too small. If you only have time to move five chairs that is five less chairs we have to worry about at the end of a long day. Can't make the event Saturday? Show up Friday and help. Don't be turned away because you are new or feel you don't have enough experience. Trust us, if you have the time we have a spot! In addition to helping out volunteering is a great way to learn about running events, meet new people, and help your Barony.

Lastly, and perhaps this is the serious bit, never assume that there will always be someone else to do the job. We understand that people want to enjoy the event, but remember that pleasure should extend in some small part to the staff as well. The less people that step up to help the harder the day is for everyone else. I would rather 100 people offer help that is not needed than watch 10 people do the whole job and go home exhausted.

So please as soon as you can contact the Autocrat Lord Wolfgang Starke and offer your help. If you cannot get in touch with Wolfgang contact either Miriel or myself. We will get your information to him.

If you are currently on staff please take a moment to check in with  the Autocrat to see if he needs you to do anything and when the time comes remember to promote the event and your area as much as possible.

For more information on Ice Dragon visit:

Ice Dragon 2016 website


Ice Dragon Face Book page

Thank you to everyone ahead of time.


Magnus & Miriel

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Follow By Email!

His Excellency and I had it brought to our attention that it was very difficult to follow our blog. Hearing the words of our populace we investigated the matter and set up a new and improved way to follow us here. You no longer need to be a member of Blogger to follow, now there is a handy Follow By Email option, on the lower right hand corner of the screen. Enter your email there and you can be notified when things change on our blog. Making it even easier to follow your Baron and Baroness as they travel the Barony, Kingdom, and Known World.


Baroness Miriel du Lac

Monday, December 21, 2015

Lets get the party started!

Welcome to the unofficial blog of the Baron and Baroness of the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael! The purpose of this blog is to give Her Excellency and I a place to post about our thoughts, ideas, requests, and adventures. It is not intended to replace the Baronial website, yahoo group, or Facebook page (if anything it will keep us from cluttering them with our chatter)! If you are looking for information on schedules, events, practices, and similar things please use the official sites (links provided in the links section of this blog). The blog is still under construction so pardon us while we sort out the bumps and bugs! Suggestions about content are always welcome, and hey, if you see a typo let us know. We are both very excited to serve the Barony and wish it to be known that we are always available to hear the questions, concerns, and hopefully many tales of adventure of the populace. We encourage everyone to follow this blog and join us on this crazy adventure!

Remember our first rule is to have fun!


Magnus and Miriel, Baron and Baroness