Sunday, January 22, 2017

Meet a Newer Person in Our Barony

His Excellency and I would like to highlight a member of the Rhydderich Hael every once and awhile in our time as B&B. This time I decided to approach Vanessa a.k.a Thalia (His Excellency's Lady) and learn a bit about her and everything that she is hoping for in the Society in the future. 

Real Name: Vanessa Hayes

SCA Name: Thalia Papillon

Persona: Viking

I joined the SCA as I have always have had an interest in Medieval History and everything that this involves and enjoy the experience of watching and being involved in all the medieval activities, including dance, sword fighting, and archery, and most of all, being part of a group with others who share a common interest. I joined the SCA back in December 2015 when I attended my first event which was the Baronial Investiture for the Rhydderich Hael, and then spent some time while I was still down in Virginia with a smaller SCA group, Shire of Isenfir, in Charlottesville, Virginia. I got involved with activities through the Shire of Isenfir including Renaissance dance, Archery, and Medieval game nights. I attended two other SCA events including Atlantia Kingdom Arts and Sciences and Gemutlichplatz with the Shire of Isenfir. I officially became a SCA member in October 2016 and received my blue card.

Interests in SCA:  Fencing and Archery
                              Renaissance Dancing
                              Other activities including attending events and trying craft related activities
                              within the SCA.

SCA Goals in 2017: Continue to improve with Archery skills
                                 Authorize in Fencing
                                 Explore Different areas of service SCA has to offer
                                 Get involved with helping at SCA events
                                 Attend variety of SCA events and do Archery tournaments and Fencing
                                 Attend Pennsic 2017 for whole week during War week

I have continued to attend SCA events during this year with my guy, Magnus De Lyons, in different areas including Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia to include events such as Blackstone Raids, Æthelmearc War Practice, and first Pennsic experience in July 2016.

My first real experience with Medieval reenactments was in college and I got to participate in Adventures in Midland Live Action Role play through a friend in college. This is where I just happened to meet a handsome man, Lance Kazmark, a.k.a. Magnus De Lyons, who was the leader of Adventures in Midland, and spent the next year dating Magnus and sharing times LARPing with Midland. There are still photos to this day of our time together in Midland. Through the magic of Facebook, Lance (Magnus) and I have found each other again, 20 years later, and have come together again for a second chance at love and happiness with each other.

I was so proud to join the SCA when I did, and proud to be a part of witnessing Magnus step up as the Baron of the Rhydderich Hael at my first SCA event, Baronial Investiture with his friend, Miriel Du Lac. Magnus has played a big part in introducing me to the SCA. We have attended many events together, while I was still living in Virginia, and after a year of long distance dating, I decided to move to New York and share a home with my love. I am proud and excited what I have accomplished over the past year while being involved in the SCA. I was able to achieve my interests in Archery, Fencing, and Renaissance Dancing. I was happy to acquire my first Bow and arrows from Magnus, while attending Blackstone Raids in West Virginia.

I enjoy taking photos at SCA events and capturing the experience of SCA events in photos and have been able to share these photos with others in newsletters done by Magnus De Lyons.

I continue to work on my Archery skills and have attained Archer status and completed the Iron Sails Archery tournament at A Shoote at Wyldwoode with Magnus. I have become involved in Fencing practice for the past several months now and continued with Archery to become a part of the Hael Hounds and the Barony as a whole, which has meant so much to me. I look forward to attending more events and weekly practices for Fencing and Archery. I have officially started working on my heraldry with name and device. My inspiration for my SCA name is Butterflies, which has had a lifelong meaning as my given name "Vanessa" means Butterflies.

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Hael Celebrates 12th Night With Friends, Family, and Far Traveled Guests

As the night opened up, Barony members young and old, streamed into the Elks Lodge doors, carrying burdens of food, fun, and even fighting gear ready to share the celebration together. Warm greetings were exchanged, food laid out for people to enjoy, and handshakes, hugs, and gifts were passed around the people attending.

His Excellency and I had the honor of welcoming guests from the far lands of the Stronghold of Warriors Gate (South Korea), and introducing them to the Baronial populace. They presented us with a gift of Soju and a Celadon Vase and His Excellency and I offered them a basket with tokens from the barony.  It warmed our hearts to see one person after the next stand in line to offer gifts of their own to our guest and their family from the area, we were happy to hear how welcome they felt.

And still there were more festivities, a hard fought Festive Clothing contest was held and was won by a show of applause from the populace for their choice. The winner being THL Fionnghuala, with her lovely sweater emblazoned with skiing polar bears and happy penguins. She was awarded a gaudy necklace of a golden dragon, so that she might show her festive cheer proudly.

While the people enjoyed food and festivities, others strapped on their fighting gear to share blows in the fighting gym, able to learn from one another and share a list with our guest from South Korea, giving him many good fights before he would have to return to his Stronghold.

Yet again the night was filled with warmth, cheer, and good wishes to be shared the whole year round. What a wonderful Barony We have and His Excellency and I hope to see the baronial populace shine, for their Barony, their Kingdom, and the Society in the coming year!