Monday, August 21, 2017

Announcement - New Baronial Siege Captain appointed

Lord Chebe
Over the summer myself, Lord Chebe, and Lady Thalia Papillon had the pleasure of attending a siege muster in the Barony of St. Swithin's Bog. The three of us came away from the event with our authorizations in siege and a new interest in developing siege in the Barony. Lord Chebe quickly took the lead, and soon after, the Hael had its first working siege engine. Lord Chebe continued to build interest by demoing the machine at local events, educating people on siege, and encouraging people to give it a try. At Pennsic Chebe and Thalia fought in their first battles as siege engineers. Her Excellency and I spoke with the current Captain of Siege, Master Filipo de Sancto Martino, on his feelings and interest in holding the position. Master Filipo expressed an interest in participating in siege but agreed that appointing a new Captain would help to foster the local siege program. At Pennsic on the night of the Baronial Pot luck Her Excellency and I offered the position of Siege Captain to Lord Chebe, and he happily accepted. Lord Chebe is currently working on forming an official Hael siege unit as well as a local muster. Look for more information on this shortly. Her Excellency and I are confident the future of siege in the Barony is in good hands.


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Magnus’s Pennsic 2017 top ten!

1: Thalia made it again! Last year one of my top ten moments included my girlfriend Vanessa (Lady Thalia Papillon) making it to her first Pennsic. She could only stay a couple days last year, but this year she was able to come for all of War Week. We had a great week and it was a pleasure watching her embrace new paths in the SCA. In addition to repeating many of our activities from last year, Thalia also participated in her first Pennsic fencing melee, the siege and combat archery battle, the rapier novice tourney, the Pennsic archery champs, and retained for Their Majesties. I was seriously proud of her.

2: The Last Charge of the Hael brigade! The fighting highlight of the week for me was during one of the heavy field battles. Our line was charged with smashing into a hard hitting enemy unit, but as we started to move across the battle field the unit read our intention and moved away from us. Seeing the need to react, our line commander called for a charge…and simply put…our line did not move. Inspired by blood lust (or stupidity) I decided to charge forward anyway, running on my own across the battle field calling for others to follow. After a bit I noticed I had failed in my attempt to inspire the charge and figured, “what the hell I’m going for it anyway” and continued my run. What I did not notice at first was that Lord Chebe had decided to follow me into battle. Bravely the two of us ran up to the enemy line. The sight of two screaming short white guys running into a whole army must have confused them because it took several minutes before three skirmishers left the ranks to fight us. Shortly after, and with the rest of the army still well to our rear, Lord Chebe and fell to hail of pain! I am not sure the charge will go down in Pennsic history but I will always remember it, and if one must die it is best to do it with a good friend at your side.

 3: Space Wagon! Last year I was determined to get a wagon to haul all my stuff around in. So the week before Pennsic I bought a little blue wagon with big wheels. It was quickly dubbed “Space Wagon” and accompanied us during our adventures. It seriously made my Pennsic 100% better, plus we got to scream “Space Wagon!” all week.

4: Camping with the Hael (second year in a row): Camp was a ton of fun this year. The camp was well organized and relaxed thanks to the efforts of our Camp Master Govindi as well as the many hands that helped with set up and tear down. Set up was so smooth this year (and happened so quickly) I honestly felt guilty for not helping more. Vivat to all! The Baronial pot luck was another success, with great food, entertainment, and fellowship (did I mention the food?)! The thing that struck me the most this year was the multiple generations of the Hael present at the party. Ranging from veterans to people attending their first Pennsic. It created such a sense of tradition and history I had to stop a couple of times just to take it in.

5: The tokens of adventure! One thing I cherish the most from my time in the SCA are the small tokens I receive and the memories they come with. This year I was proud to receive several. The first three are a pearl and favor from Her Majesty Gabrielle (left), a personal token from Lady Elena de la Palma (the feather). I received the pearl and feather for an impromptu assignment as a court herald...during an elevation of all things (a story best told in person). I also received a token from Duchess Dorinda Courtenay (the ring). Her Grace was handing these out to the fencers prior to battle. Such a nice touch to the atmosphere of the day. Lastly is a wonderful handmade favor from Lady Alexia Cavalieri (the lion). Thank you all for taking the time to make Pennsic special. 

6: Bring on the heat! After the hot house weather last year I have to give a nod to the fantastic weather this year. It was warm, but not too hot, and the nights a “blanket cuddling” level of cool. Bravo weather. I forgive you for last year. 

7: Seven Pearls dinner (see what I did there): This was my third year attending the Seven Pearls Dinner and this year continued to deliver. This year the dinner was hosted by the Barony of Endless Hills and once again it was an act I am glad I won’t have to follow. I reached a point where I thought the food would keep coming forever and on top of all that we received gifts of mead!

8: Hael Yeah! I was extremely proud of all the Hael people I saw making Pennsic happen. Everywhere I went I saw people from the Hael pitching in. Guarding, retaining, security, gate guards, making scrolls for court, marshals, newcomers point, assisting merchants, teaching, and so on. Great job everyone!

9: That first shower when I got home: Who am I kidding? There is nothing better than that first shower with no need for shower shoes and no worry about cold water.

10: Life beyond being Baron: Number ten is a bit of a mixed bag. About mid-week I was reminded that my time as Baron of the Hael is almost half over. It went so quickly. This might seem like a bad memory, but it is just the opposite. Having that quick glimpse of life after the coronet really gave me a sense of how proud I am of my Barony. After that point in my week I really started to look at all the great friends I have made and at the people that might wear the coronet when the time comes. Whoever that is I know the Hael will be in good hands.

Another great Pennsic everyone…and of course Hael Yeah!


With a song....The Hael Welcomes a new Bardic Champion!

Éadaoin Gaelach Rua
On June 16th, fresh on the heels of Pennsic, the Hael gathered for the annual "Post Pennsic Pot Luck"! In addition to the piles of fine food and Pennsic stories, Her Excellency and I also took the chance to hold our Bardic Champion competition. It was a fine night of song and story, with a total of five people competing (as well as performances in addition to the main competition). Determining the winner was based on populace vote, the vote of our outgoing champion, and if needed, a tie breaker from Her Excellency and I. However in the end all of the voices agreed and Éadaoin Gaelach Rua was named (and accepted) the position of Hael Bardic Champion! We look forward to Her performance at Seven Pearls!

Her Excellency and I would like to thank our outgoing champion THL Brigette de Sainte Mere-Église for her service and truly moving performances last year.

Her Excellency and I invite everyone who is able to join us at the Seven Pearls event and help cheer on The Champions! We hope to hand out and announce the remaining Baronial champs (Iron man & Chivalry) and award holders at Summers End.

...and of course Hael Yeah!

The competitors: Back row left to right,THL Jairus of the Darklands, Lady Thalia Papillon, THFool Dagonell, Éadaoin Gaelach Rua (Her Excellency and I did not perform). Front: Master Filipo de Sancto Martino.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Miriel's Pennsic 46 Top Ten 2017

Miriel's Pennsic 46 Top Ten 2017!

1. Volunteering for the Blood Drive
I've been volunteering for the Pennsic blood drive since my first Pennsic, Pennsic 41. I can not donate because of the anti-rejection medications I take, so I help with giving people snacks and making sure they make it out the door safe, or this year I helped with the sign in, greeting people and giving them the info they need to know. Usually the blood drive happens twice during war, sadly this year the second day of the drive had to be canceled because of Red Cross staffing issues. However it was still wonderful, seeing return guests coming again to donate, meeting new people, talking about our how our war has been going and wishing people well. Donation is a big part of my life (Kidney transplant recipient) so I am moved by the generosity of those willing to give blood and those who give their time to plan this each year.

2. Fencing in the Rapier Adult Swim
I was worried I would miss this, because it was scheduled on the same day as the Friday Blood Drive, but it was rescheduled to the middle Saturday due to rain and I was ecstatic. I showed up a bit early to get my inspection sticker and was ready to fight at 9am. I fought so many White Scarves and and MOD's a large amount of them I had never met before, each one giving me advice that was beyond helpful to someone still just trying to find her way in Rapier. What a great time it was, I fought until 3:00pm that day and didn't want to quit but had to because of Opening Ceremonies prep.

3. Fencing in the Ladies Rapier Tourney
Another Fencing Tourney I was unsure I would be able to attend and ended up having a break in my schedule. I ran down to my camp, put on my fencing armor, grabbed my gear and ran back up the hill so I could sign up and fight some outstanding rapier fighters. This four list round robin, was fast and furious, I meet people from all over the world (Seriously! One of the ladies was from Lochac, she had awesome fencing armor), and loved every minute of it.

4. Watching our Champions in the KW Archery and Fencing Baronial Championships
I love that I can get the chance to support our champions as they compete against baronial champions from all over the Known World. Our Archery Champ Simonetta and Rapier Champ Wolfgang, showed their skills to the best degree and did the barony proud as they always do.

5. Sitting around the fire in Hael Camp
Last year the heat was so bad, the barony camp was only really able to enjoy a fire once or twice. This year we had the most wonderful chilly nights, so I had the chance to sit around the fire with everyone in camp, sharing food, stories, laughs, and warmth. I didn't realize how much I had missed the soft glow of the fire and the sound of the drums in the distance until we were able to have it again in our great Hael camp. 

6. Standing with the Hael Cats for the Fencing Battles on Tuesday of War Week
What a rush!! Lining up with His Excellency, Thalia, Wolfgang, Kateryne, Alexia, Cody, Abdul and more Allies of the Hael was spectacular. We couldn't always stay together but we moved where we were needed , helped AEthelmearc hold the line, take the flag, and be a down right pain in the butt to the other side. Hael Yeah!!

7. Listening to Meuric talk about all the classes he has taken
Meuric (my husband) took over 50 classes at Pennsic this year which is a record breaker for him! Last year he took around 47. I loved to catch up with him at dinner time in the food court and ask him about what he learned today, One time he told me about a winding trip to the bog to learn period drinking songs, sometimes he would show me a project he started working on, I think my favorite was the one when the first lightning storm hit and the large A&S tent he was in got hit by a lighting strike. He learns so much and loves to share it with others.

8. Woodland Watch Kabob dinner
I love my household, and getting a chance during my crazy war week at Pennsic to join them for a camp dinner was so nice. Sitting under a sunshade chatting with everyone about their lives, the event, what they are doing, and just listening to people laugh and eat together can't be beat.

9. Bar-tending at the KW Party
This was awesome!! There are times that I love talking to people and this is the perfect time for that, I can ask someone what they'd like to drink, get it for them, chat a bit, then they are on their way. I'd like to say thank you to my fellow bartenders who put up with my large lack of knowledge on the drinks often my reply to someone asking about a drink was “it's a beer....?” and then someone would fill in the blanks for me. You guys are the true heroes, you put in the time and effort to make the alcohol and then donate it so people could enjoy it and spend the night telling people about it and encouraging them to try other peoples as well.

10. Ice Cream Floats!
The Ice cream place had so many different flavors!! I think I had one every day, I regret nothing!