Friday, February 17, 2017

Sound the Horn!!! Champs approaches...

Calling all Champions! Time is quickly approaching when Her Excellency and I must select new champions. We are sounding the call to the lands seeking new blood to step up and serve the Barony! It is our goal to keep things interesting, so this year instead of a dedicated Baronial Champs event we are holding our champion tournaments at our local practices. The purpose for this is two fold. First we hope to relieve everyone's already busy event schedule, but more importantly we want to draw attention to our local practices and the hard work that goes into them.

What does it take to be a Baronial champ? Glad you asked! The only requirements include: You must be a resident of the Barony or the Canton, you must have the required authorizations for the activity you wish to participate in (such as a heavy authorization), and you must be able to attend the Seven Pearls event in September (located in Endless Hills). Other than that it is open to all.

Don't shy away from competing because you are new, or you don't feel you have enough experience. The honor of being a champ is about representing the Barony not about bringing home the win. This is a great chance to experience a new side of SCA life and Her Excellency and I will be equally proud of anyone who steps up.

More details will follow on when the tournaments will be, the format for each, and who is running them. Over the next month or so we will reach out to our current champions to discuss the details. Her Excellency and I will also decided on when we will hold the tournaments for the "non-practice" activities as well as when we will hand out awards such as Chivalry champ.

Please stay tuned for more information.

New Staff member and many thanks!

My apologies for the delay posting this information. On each anniversary of our investiture Her Excellency and I privately contact each member of our staff and give them the option to stay another year or move on. We decided to do this because four years is a long time (that being the potential length of our reign) and it was important to us that our staff had the freedom to enjoy the SCA in their own way. 

This year our Head of Retainers, Mistress Geirný Thorgrímsdóttir, has made the choice to move on. Her Excellency and I would like to offer our thanks and love to Mistress Geirný for her hard work, advice, and guidance during our first year as Baron and Baroness. It was  a comfort knowing we had the council of a former Baroness of the Hael as well as such a good friend at our side as we started our journey. I am not sure my words alone can describe the level of dedication and service Mistress Geirný brings to Our Barony and to the Kingdom. She is certainly a credit to both. For me it is people like Mistress Geirný that make the SCA such a special place. When you see her, please take time to thank her for all that she does. Mistress Geirný offered the following lovely words.

"My year (and a bit) as Head Retainer has come to an end. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with Their Excellencies and I could not be happier with them and for them. And with all of my staff who have helped to look after them, and helped them to create the atmosphere the Society strives to foster. You folks are the best! Thank you, Your Excellencies, and everyone who has been a retainer and or guard. Please welcome and thank Lady Genevieve O'Connor to the role. I ask all staff to please do what you can to assist her in assuming charge of and maintaining the Baronial Entourage. She is a kind and lovely gentlewoman, who I have no doubt will do a fantastic job! Lastly, I'd like to thank my comrade, Saku, Captain of the Guard, who is the backbone of the retinue. Without you, I'd probably have made a muck of things. YIS, Geirny"

Thankfully another good friend, recently returned to the Barony, and has agreed to take on the roll of our Head of Retainers. We are proud to welcome Lady Genevieve O'Connor to the staff. Her Excellency and I thank her ahead of time for taking on such a busy and often demanding task. 

If you are interested in joining our team of guards and retainers please contact us. We welcome both new and experience people and there is no minimum time requirement. Volunteer once or many times. You can find the contact information for our staff here: 

We also have a Facebook page for the guards and retainers (we have to add you before you can see it, so please contact us).