Thursday, April 28, 2016

The first heavy weapons champ declares!

A quick addition today. We welcome our first heavy weapons champion hopeful Tadhg Mag Uidhir (or as we sometimes lovingly call him "New Guy Troy")! Please wish him luck when you see him. Vivat Tadgh!

We are now caught up with previous declarations, but had another come in today. I will post that next week sometime when I get a chance.

Remember its never too late to declare.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Champs draws near...and another answers the call!

Champions are still declaring and we are rushing to keep up! So without further delay we present our next hopeful, Maeve Ni Siurtain. Please hear her words and wish her luck...

"I Maeve Ni Siurtain, rider of many steeds, do declare my intent and cast the gauntlet down to compete to be your champion.. While the steed I will ride is not known at this time, I feel my skills will prove that I can achieve partnership with any equine".

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Champion hopeful for thrown weapons has declared!

Please welcome our next Champion Hopefully! Master Augusto Giuseppe da San Donato has declared his intent to serve as the Baronial thrown weapons champion.

So far we have declarations for Fencing, A&S, Archery, Thrown, Heavy, and Equestrian.

We are still looking for people more people to declare and we really need a person for Bardic.

Its not too late...declare now! We do have a couple more people who already declared and will post about them shortly!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Another new Champ has declared!

Please join us in congratulating the next Champion hopeful (and our first Equestrian to declare) Lord Rhiannon Elandris of Glyndrvdwy! Please read the fine words of her horse Fionnbhar below (he has great scribal skills).

Her Excellency and I are very excited to not only create a champion position for the Equestrians, but that we are also privileged to have equestrian activities at this years champs. 

Once again if there are any questions on how Champs is working this year please contact us straight away.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Baronial Camping for the SCA 50th

After making enquiries among the baronial populace His Excellency and I have decided that interest in camping for the SCA 50 Year Event is not high enough that the Barony warrented a separate camping area at the event.

However there is going to be a Kingdom Campsite that members of the kingdom will be more then welcome at if there are people in the barony that would like to stay on site. If anyone needs information on how to do so you can Register Here, or contact Us for help.

Here are some other links with a good amount of information for the event:

Link to SCA 50 Year Website

Link to SCA 50 Year Facebook Page

Monday, April 18, 2016

New Baronial Champion positions created!

Youth Champion:

Her Excellency and I are please to announce the creation of a a Baronial youth champion position. We do not plan to pick a youth champion for this this year’s champs as there might not be enough time to search out and choose a youth champion so quickly. However we think it is an area that could use more representation. The plan is that there will be a single youth champion position for each year and any youth between the age of participation (in their activity) and 17 is eligible. The youth champion position would be multipurpose/generic and a youth is eligible for any SCA based activity including service. As the level of youth activity is often in flux it is not expected this award will be handed out each year. It can be handed out when the time is right. Regalia has not yet been decided on. 

Equestrian Champion: 

Along the same lines, Her Excellency and I also plan to create an Equestrian champion position. We plan to create this position in time for this year’s champs since we are able to have equestrian activities. We feel that even though the equestrians cannot always feature activities at our local events they are no less dedicated than the participants of our other activities. We feel it is time they are recognized as such. The creation of and the type of regalia to be given is also pending. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Important Ice Dragon Announcement (scrolls)!

Pardon us for taking so long to address this. Sadly due to scheduling issues several Baronial scrolls went out unsigned at Ice Dragon this year. This was not an error on the part of our staff. Her Excellency and I decided we would rather have the scrolls given to the recipients "in progress" than not at all. It is our goal to sign these scrolls as soon as possible. If you received an unsigned scroll and would like it signed, we would like to take care of it for you as soon as possible. Please contact us so we can arrange a time to meet with you and take care of it. Yours in service and pens at the ready!

Magnus and Miriel

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Seven Pearls Championships

This year the Kingdom's Seven Pearls Championships will be happening all at one event!! This weekend long event will be held August 19-21, 2016 in the wonderful Barony of Saint Swithin's Bog.

All the assorted Barony's of the Kingdom will be bringing their champions to this event to compete to see who will hold the title of Kingdom Baronial Champion in their field. Heavy, Rapier, Thrown, Archery, A&S, and Bardic. (and maybe more..)

So if you are looking to become our Baronial Champion this year, you need to save this date because you will be required to attend and represent our Barony.

So stay tuned for more information, His Excellency and I will be posting more about the Baronial Championship as it draws closer, and we can't wait!

Link to Kingdom Calendar Event Page

Monday, April 11, 2016

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Another hopeful champion has raised his hand and entered the ring! Please congratulate THL Cynwulf Rendell who has put forth his name to compete for the position of Hael archery champion.

The Scroll (shown below) was created by THL Eleanore Godwin...who I believe also, as the scroll says and Cynwulf remarked..."threatened my personal well being if I did not request permission to compete"...

Good luck Rendell!

Remember its not too late to declare! Her Excellency and I have already received more and will post them shortly.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ice Dragon Thanks From the Baron and Baroness

-photo by Lori of Oriography

Over the years we have attended many Ice Dragons, as simple attendees helping a friend, to volunteering at troll and gold key, then as head of the guard and pursuivant / retainer. So we felt that there was not much the could surprise us about the event. However this year, our first year as Baron and Baroness we were proved wrong!

-Photo by Lori of Oriography
For the first time instead of looking at the event with eyes focused on the single job before us, not really seeing the rest of went on during the event, we had a chance to see it all and all of the hard work put into it.

It started on Friday when setup for the event began, watching members of the Barony and Society new and old, rushing around the armory offering a helping hand to anyone lugging totes, stringing ropes, and placing tables. No job was too big or too small in these people's eyes. A job that could have taken a day or two was done in hours, everyone leaving the site feeling good about the the next day and the challenges to come.

Saturday we were ready to be busy, our schedule packed with everything we could fit into it. courts, merchants, vigils, salons, pent, visiting everyone working hard in different areas of the site, we did not want to miss anything! As the day progressed we saw so many people having fun enjoying all of the activities the event had to offer and we had chances to share many of those moments with them as we traveled the site.

-photo by Michael Davis
However the other thing we saw, with eyes trained to see those doing services for our Barony and our Kingdom, were the people working hard so their friends could enjoy the day. The relatively new lady, sitting at troll, counting money, filling out papers and smiling with bright eyes at every person that stood in front of her. The cooks working hard in the basement, hot, tired, but somehow able to offer cookies and cheery hellos as we came to see what wonderful foods they had to offer the populace for the day. MOLs and Marshals on the list fields, forgoing a day of relaxing or fighting so that others could enjoy hitting each other with sticks, or poking a friend with steel. The heralds, guards, retainers running from place to place, sometimes standing for hours at points, Happy to help the assorted royalty and baronage as they went about their duties for the day. Then the gentles that who were already tired and worn out from the long day, helped to disassemble and clean the site once the event was complete.

-photo by Fridrikr Tomasson
These were just some of the services we saw during the day, services that showed what makes our Barony and Kingdom so wonderful.

We want to thank you all, everyone that helped to make The Passing of the Ice Dragon the spectacular event that it was. We can never thank all of you enough, but we certainly plan to try!

Another Champion hopeful steps up!

At Ice Dragon another Champion hopeful declared her intent to compete for a spot as a Hael Champion. Lady Siobhan Readnait submitted the following scroll declaring she would like to become our archery Champion. Please wish her luck when you see her! 
Magnus and Miriel

We have other hopefuls to announce and will do so in the coming days (we plan to take each in turn). 

It is not too late to declare! There are open spots that we need to fill. Don't be afraid you are too new or not skilled enough. For Her Excellency and I champs is not about winning or losing, it is about representing the Barony with honor and pride. 

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Thank you again!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A New Youth Fencer in the Barony!

This past weekend at the Passing of the Ice Dragon 2016 there was a chance for youth fencers to authorize and fight. 

One of the fencers who authorized was also our newest baronial youth fencer, my very own daughter Wentliana verch Meuric (Mina). 

Wentliana started fencing with the barony this past October and has been working hard to get ready to authorize at Ice Dragon. 

Not only did she authorize, she had the chance to compete in her very first fencing tourney against two other talented youth fencers from the barony and outside of it. She had a good showing and is now even more motivated to keep fighting and advance her skills in fencing. 

As her mother and the Baroness I am so proud of her! I hope to see her grow and become a bigger part of the fencing community and the society in general.

So when you see her at future events please congratulate her and if you know of a youth fighter in need of a eager opponent, point them her way.