Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Award - Companion of the Golden Scale

Earlier this summer Her Excellency and I decided we wanted to create a new award for the Barony. The name of this award is "Companion of the Golden Scale". This award is intended for people who are not only dedicated to the SCA but also regularly support the Barony even though they call other lands home. 

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We decided to hold a contest to determine the design of the symbol and medallion for the award. We received a handful of  submission, but in the end choose only one. So please give a loud Vivat to THL Rhiannon Elandris the winner of our contest. We hope to award the first Companion of the Golden Scale at Summers End next week and we hope you will join us. 

Summers End 2016 event info...

Part of the contest was to create a symbol for the new award as well as a first medallion. Here are the willing selections.

We also asked that for a fictional story telling the take of why and how the award was created. Please read the words of Rhiannon Elandris


In the distant past when the Rhydderich Hael was not too old but old enough there came a special day in which this tale took place. It was high summer with all the flowers in bloom. In early afternoon a noble your lord from a land to the east was riding along the cliffs that border our great lake.  He rode near the point where the rocky shoreline is blocked by a wall of stone that turns into sandy beach on the other side. Tall and thin, of hair blond, eyes blue, he road with the ease of a trained horseman. He stopped for a moment watching the waves reach the shore. 

“Help me young lord” the voice was low and deep, almost with a smoky feel “help me or I might perish without aid”. “Where are you? I see no one” the lord cried. “I will help if I but know where you are”. 

“To the left lord, on the other side of the stony point. Please hurry. I have been here long already”. Quickly the lord spurred his horse to the left. Once past the stony point he looked down upon the beach, stopped, and stared, for below him was a dragon. A golden dragon. Well to be truthful part of a dragon for only his head and part of his back could be seen above the water.

“Good, can you see me now"? The low voice was coming from the dragon “Please my lord help for I am sinking”. “What? Down there so you may eat me and them my horse? I hope I may tell a trap when I see one” spoke the lord. 

“A trap it is not” rumbled the dragon. “I do not eat people for they taste funny, very sour like bad pickles. I give you my word, the word of a great Dragon” (which we all know is a very truthful word). 

So upon hearing this and knowing it to be true, the young lord dismounted. Tying his horse to a nearby bush he made his way to the beach by the old swimming path. Once there he could see why the dragon was stuck in the water. He was covered by a great fishing net. “What happened to you then”? The young lord said as he unsheathed his sword. 

“Have a care with that toothpick lord” said the Dragon. “I was greedy. I dived in after a great silvery fish I spotted from atop the point. (Yes some dragons do not swim) I forgot today was fishing day and not only that, I forgot about the old shipwreck and have damaged by wing". 

Having finally cut the dragon loose the young lord watched him struggle onto the beach. Now he could see him clearly. The dragon was golden all over, tall as an apple tree, with bright blue eyes which showed pain as he dragged his damaged wing. The elbow joint on the left was cut badly and swollen. 

 “I have nothing to bind it with” said the young lord. 

“The people of the Rhydderich Hael, who I am protector of, will help me. However I cannot fly and the hall is five leagues distant. I have asked much of you I know, but could I trouble you to help me further”? The Dragon seemed so very tired and his bright gold had turned a little gray. 

So the young lord helped the dragon up the path, balancing the left wing on the top of his head. Now you think that dragons stink of brimstone, but truthfully they smell quite spicy. Upon reaching the top the poor horse began to neigh and tried very hard to pull away from the bush. The lord being a well-trained horseman, and the horse being well trained, the lord soon had not only calmed his steed he even convinced the stallion to allow the wing of the dragon to rest balanced across his back. As so in this fashion, discussing chivalry, dragons, and most of all food they walked five leagues to the hall. 

As the hall appeared before them a great trumpet call was heard. The large doors opened wide and of out of them did pour the entire Rhydderich Hael left by the Baron and Baroness. 

“You poor old thing” said the Baroness to the Dragon. “You are hurt. No matter for we shall make you well again. Ladies, to the herb garden with him”. So they did lead him away. “I must thank you for the help you have given our old friend” said the Baron to the young lord. “Not many would do so. Be welcome in the Rhydderich Hael. You may tell of your travels over dinner, but in the meantime whatever we have is yours”. 

So the Baron led the young lord away into the Hael. The noble stallion was groomed, stabled, and well fed. The lord was bathed, presented with new clothes and then brought to the hall for a feast.  

The hall was well lit, with many bright banner hanging. Near the head of the table the young lord was surprised to see what he thought was a wall was actually two large open doors. Within them on soft feather pillows was the dragon, wing bandaged. 

They feasted on venison, boar, and pheasant (and anchovies and armadillos). They did drink of wine, beer, and ale (and Molson’s and Timmy Hortons). When the feasting was done and the lord had told his tale the young Baron stood with a raised glass and spoke. 

“Most noble lord, you have done us great service this day. You have saved our beloved dragon. For this service we give you most humble thanks and give you the freedom of all our lands. We would have you spend time with us, as much as you wish. To come and go whenever you please. We will always be happy to see you”. So saying he did raise his glass and drank a toast. And so likewise did everyone. 

“I too have a gift” said that low smoky voice of the Dragon. The Dragon had enjoyed the feast, loved being fussed over and was feeling much better. “My lord you showed much courage to approach an old dragon like me. Kindness and care too you gave freely. Without your help I might have become lost to these good people and so I give you this”. 

Where upon the dragon handed the young lord a golden scale from his coat (they shed them you know). “Wear this always” The dragon said (as he brushed away a tear). “This will show to all, human and dragon-kind your noble spirit. With this you will be a trusted friend to all in the Hael as we all wish to be your friend". “I would wish the same friendship great dragon” said the young lord as he rested his hand on the great yellow claw. 

“Have it now” stated the Baron. “Our most beloved Saint Morgan did always enjoin her heirs to cherish and hold close all friendships from outside our borders. I will create a great fellowship of these friends, be they man, woman, or child. I therefore state that I and all my heirs to come will call these honored friends companions.  Long may they be known as the Companions of the Golden Scale”. 

Then he made it so. 

The end.