Thursday, June 23, 2016

Our Baronial Champs So Far!

Last month on May 28th our barony held Palfreys and Polearms which was when His excellency and I named some of our baronial Champions and Award winners, a few of these chosen will represent our barony at the 7 Pearls Competitions coming up August 16th, 2016 in St. Swithin's Bog in Summerhill PA. 

Our Fencing Champion

Minamoto Roku-i Sakurako

Our Thrown Weapons Champion

THL Eleanore Godwin 

Our Arts & Sciences Champion

Lord Wolfgang Starcke

Our First Equestrian Champion

Lord Rhiannon Elandris of Glyndrvdwy

Our Chivalry Champion and Most Improved Fighter of the Year

Lord Tadhg Mag Uidhir

Our Baronial Keystone Holder

Lord Rhys Penbras ap Daffyd

Our Iron Man Champion

Fionnbhar (the horse)

Then because there are were many members of the Barony who could not be present at the event but had declared for Champion positions, we decided that the Titles of Baronial Champions of Heavy Weapons, Bardic and Archery would be announced at a later date.

At Hornwood Scarlet Guard Inn on June 11th, 2016 we had the chance to name our Archery Champion.

Our Archery Champion

Lady Siobhan Readnait 

There will be more info to come on Our Heavy and Bardic Champions, keep your eyes open!!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Companions of the Golden Scale

Her Excellency and I are honored with the privilege of creating new awards for the Barony. It is a chance to put our mark on the legacy of the Baronial court and we are excited to do so. After some discussion we decided that the award the Barony was lacking was something that recognized people from outside our borders. People who are not only dedicated to the SCA but also regularly support the Barony even though they call other lands home. The name of this new award will be “Companion of the Golden Scale”. We would like to share the creation of this new award with our Populace by sponsoring a two part contest. The first part of the contest is Bardic/A&S. We are looking for poems, songs, or written work that brings to life the “fictional” story behind the award (more on that below). The second part is the creation of a “token” that we will hand out to the recipients of this award. The deadline for this contest is August 20th. People may enter one or both contests. We will display everything submitted, but we will choose only one (one story and one token) as the final winners. Each winner’s work will become part of the history of the Barony.

The story part of the contest: We are looking for poems, songs, or written work that brings to life the “fictional” story behind the award. Other forms of creative work are acceptable, but primarily we are looking for a story we can read/sing/recite. We don’t want to restrict this too much, but keeping the time required to read/perform the story to under five minutes or so would be good. The basic inspiration in our mind is as follows. Please use it as a starting point for your work:

“At some time in the past a traveler not of our lands wandered into the Barony. This person wandered into the lair of the Ice Dragon and faced certain death. However this person did something that so inspired the Ice Dragon that the Dragon plucked a scale from his own body and gifted it to the traveler. This token was a sign that the person was allowed safe travel in the land”.

The token part of the contest: This award will not include a scroll when it is handed out. The recipient is given a token to display. We are looking for people to design and create the token we will hand out. The token should be something people can wear (medallion is best) and something that can be recreated by people other than the designer for later awards. We ask that the person creates at least one of their tokens to enter into the contest. The winning token will be the first one we hand out.

We look forward to seeing your work. If there are any questions please ask us.

Magnus & Miriel