February - 2018

College of Three Ravens
February 24
Barony of Thescorre

March - 2018

Tournament of the White Hart XXI – Le Livre de Chasse
March 2 - 4
Shire of Port Oasis
Baron Only

The Donnan Party
March 24
Shire of Ballachlagan

Æcademy of the Rapier II
March 31
Shire of Coppertree

April - 2018

The Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon
April 14
Barony of the Rhydderich Hael

Coronation of Sven and Siobhan
April 21
Shire of Heronter

Blackstone Raid XXVII
April 26 - 29
Barony of Blackstone

May - 2018

Spring Crown
May 12
Barony of Endless Hills

Æthelmearc War Practice
May 17-20
Shire of Stenltonwald