How can I help?


We will be looking for people to help with guarding and retaining as well as people to work on special projects. There is no minimum or maximum amount of time you can spend helping the reign. Every small contribution helps! New and veteran members are equally welcome! Volunteering is a great way to get involved and experience new aspects of the SCA. If you are interested please contact us. We will find a place for you!  Our staff will post more about volunteer opportunities so please stay tuned!

Award recommendations:

Please remember to make award recommendations. Anyone can make a recommendation for any of the Baronial awards. If you feel a person deserves recommendation but are not sure what award applies just drop us a note about the person(s) and their contributions. We will review all requests and notes and pick an appropriate award. It is important to us that the hard work of the populace is noticed. We can’t see everything (plus we know some people like to fly under the radar…but we will find you) so do you part and help us notice and acknowledge the work of others.

Baronial needs

As Miriel and I continue to sort the vast collection of Baronial stuff we figured it would be a good idea to post about what we don’t need. Due to the current and past generosity of the Barony we have a pretty large stock of items. We would hate to see people spend time and money on making things that in all honesty we won’t use. So to that end here is the current list of things we don’t need.

Items not needed:

  • Award medallion cording
  • Ribbon
  • Feast gear
  • Candle sticks
  • Mugs, goblets, glasses, etc.
  • Generic largess of any sort
  • Statues, busts, or generic nick-knacks
  • Games
  • Baskets
  • Boxes or trunks
  • Generic craft supplies such as beads, charms, etc.

What is needed?

What we are interest in is small hand crafted items that we can use for tournament prizes or in gift baskets. We are looking for items that a) people will enjoying making and b) displays local talents. There is no immediate need for these items. If the creative muse hits and people feel like working on something then please do. Otherwise it is neither a rush nor a requirement. Small hand crafted Baronial award medallions are also welcome. Currently we have plenty of VOID medallions and a handful of medallions for throwers. Once again we don’t need a ton of these. Making one or two is more than enough.