About the Baron

Baron Magnus de Lyons

Like Miriel I have been with the SCA on a regular basis for a little over five years. I dabbled with the SCA for years attending events on an irregular basis but never really jumped in the deep end until recently. During my time with the SCA I have served as the Barony demo coordinator, deputy to the Chatelaine, Baronial guard captain, and Chronicler. Prior to joining the SCA I ran my own fantasy live action role-playing group (Adventures in Mid-Land) for 16 years and participated in the live combat group Dagorhir for another ten. Even before joining the SCA the Barony has held a special place in my heart. One of my life long and closest friends is our founding Baroness Morgan Elandris. I am looking forward to this chapter of my SCA career and it is my privilege and honor to server as Baron of the Rhydderich Hael. Hael Yeah!


Magnus is a 14th century Englishman. I am not hardcore about my persona but strive to remain as historical as possible and improve where and when I can. When the temperature goes up I often joke about going to a Greek persona, but I doubt that will ever happen.


 In the SCA I participate in heavy fighting, fencing, and target archery. When time allows I also enjoy thrown weapons. I am an avid leather worker focusing mostly on miscellaneous SCA items like armor accessories and award medallions.  I maintain a blog to document my work. It is located here:

The workshop of Magnus de Lyons


I am pretty easy to please. No allergies, no major dislikes, and no huge pet peeves. If we are passing a mug around the fire I tend to stick to the light weight stuff. A good hard cider or glass of mead goes a long way with me.

Outside the SCA: 

Outside the SCA I enjoy war gaming and miniature painting, and when I can find time, like to hike and explore historical sites. I served with the United States Air Force for a short time and then worked as a civilian contractor for about ten years before moving to Buffalo. Now I work for a bank as a physical security supervisor.