Thursday, December 14, 2017

Baronial 12th Night 2018!

Please join us at the Hael for our annual 12th Night celebration at the Elks Lodge! Bring your friends who want to check out the SCA at a more relaxed event. We have food, friendship, fun and fighting all lined up. This will be Our last 12th night as your Baron and Baroness, we hope to have it go wonderfully and for everyone to have an outstanding time.

Event info:

When: Wednesday January 3rd, 2018, starting at 7:00 PM. There will be a quick business meeting (very quick), then it will be time to party! Clean up will start around 9 PM. Site closes at 10:00 PM.

Where: Lancaster Elks Lodge #1478, 33 Legion Parkway, Lancaster, NY, 14086. The party and meeting will be in the meeting hall behind the main Elk’s lodge bar. Practice will be in the normal gym spot. Please see the map provided for directions on how to enter.

Cost: The party and meeting are free to attend. There is the same 5 dollar (suggested) donation for people using the gym for martial activities.

What to bring: Potluck!! Bring your best dishes to share! Soups, casseroles, briskets, and don’t forget desserts. We won’t create a formal list of who is bringing what, but please post what you are bringing to Yahoo or Facebook so people have an idea what is needed. The Baron will be bringing his pot luck survival kit including plates, bowls, silverware, napkins, power strips for crock pots, and so on.

Drinks: All drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) must be purchased at the Elk’s lodge bar. The Barony will be buying an assortment of soft drinks from the bar this year to offer to all of our 12th Night Guests.

Garb: Garb is not expected or required.

Gift giving: There is a long standing tradition of exchanging gifts at Baronial 12th night. Some people will exchange personal gifts between friends and some people may bring something small to hand out to everyone. Gifts are not required or expected. Please don’t feel obligated to bring something and don’t feel bad if you only exchange gifts between friends (or not at all). The greatest gift is fellowship so please come and enjoy the night.

Court: We are not going to promise there won’t be some court, but if there is it will be brief and to the point.


Festive outfit contest: Wear your most festive (and family friendly) clothing, costume, hat, shoes, or similar adornment and compete in our second annual “feel the spirit” festive outfit contest. A celebrity judge will be selected to determine who has the best outfit and the winner will be awarded a super cool prize. 

SCA exchange/swap: 

This year in addition to the usual Twelfth Night festivities of food and merriment, there will be an SCA exchange/swap of garb and gear taking place. If you have garb that no longer fits or gear you no longer use then bring it with you to exchange/swap with someone who may be in need of it. Monetary dealings if any will be strictly between those individuals. And area will be set aside for this activity. 

If there are questions about anything please ask otherwise see you all at the party!

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