Saturday, December 30, 2017

Populace in focus - Lady Malleen Fenella Menzies (AKA Rivin)

A while back Her Excellency and I started a tradition of interviewing members of the populace for the blog. The goal was to slowly introduce members of the Barony, new and old, in an attempt to foster new connections. Normally, when a possible interview candidate was found Her Excellency or myself contacted them with a standard interview form, asked for some pictures, and then made a blog post. This time around is a bit different. As Chronicler it is a constant challenge to find material for the newsletter. However one member of the populace has made that job so much easier for me and that is Lady Malleen Fenella Menzies (AKA Rivin). This quiet kind woman is often seen at practice sitting at the table working on this or that. I was very familiar with her artwork and when she offered to draw things for the newsletter I quickly accepted. Recently she started on a project of creating page boarders in the form of scrolls. The finished product was amazing, but what was shocking is that when other artists started to see her work they could not believe she was sitting on such a hidden talent. So I quickly formed a plan to put her on the spot with a blog post that showcases her talents. To that end please enjoy some of the work she has done for the Barony over the past several months. I thank her for her efforts and I know we will see more from her in the future.

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